Writing a bio feels a bit like one of those terrifying ‘get to know each other’ sessions on a training course. The ones where your counterpart always has a quirky world record to their name that they can winningly share and you suddenly realise that you’re the most boring person who ever lived. The ones where you flounder and eventually come up with something embarrassing at best and horribly inappropriate at worst and in either case heavily laden with swear words. Like telling a handsome stranger on your first day at law school that your dad sells lube for a living and then calling him a wanker when he shares that happy news with the rest of your class.

Och well. It worked out pretty well on that occasion. So much so that marriage is out of the question this time round. But hopefully we’ll all become firm friends.

I’m a mama of two, from Edinburgh originally but now living in Stoke Newington, north London. In my past life, I was a lawyer in the City but I moved on following the birth of my first baby to focus on a new career in the human rights and access to justice field. For now, though, I spend most of my time with my young son and baby daughter, loving them to the point of obsession but also wondering what exactly happened to, well, me…