Bloody miracle? I don’t think so…

Everyone on my Twitter feed is talking about the news that the government has allocated £1.5m to fight period poverty* (disclaimer: my feed comprises about 50% period poverty and period positivity activists!). And on the face of it, this is great news. I am glad that recognition of the issue is becoming prevalent and that campaigns such as Amika George’s #freeperiods campaign are bearing fruit.

But let’s step back a moment, before we give the government too much credit please.

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New Year: New Starts or Same Old?

New Year’s resolutions seem to be getting a bit of a bashing on my social media this year! I have no interest in obsessing about my weight or adopting a crazy diet or giving up booze or any such nonsense, but personally I really enjoy the ‘new term’ feeling of January and the opportunity to reflect and plan for positive change. I might not keep up everything over the whole year, but some things usually stick and I feel better for them.

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Beans on toast

I have a confession: I absolutely loathe cooking.

I love to eat – I really, really love to eat. But at the moment, my love of eating is falling second to my hatred of getting food onto my plate.

Before I had kids, this laziness was disguised by a job that kept me in the office for long hours, enabling me to justify the purchase of breakfast, lunch and often dinner five days a week, and a husband who loves to cook, enthusiastically picking up the baton at the weekends without even realising he was doing me a favour.

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